Lightweight models and cost effective scalability

On the technique, the medium website should thoroughly open various technique resources and provide an ability to get up tiny contents organization and provide alternant technique means for customer.”WIKI news” of the WIKI encyclopedia(www.wikinews.Org)formed example in this aspect, it”with the position of neutral to cooperation report way with gather all news of topics” is purpose, community cooperation the creations and classification gather and then become WIKI the characteristics of the news.On the technique, use the complicated format marking that the simple format marking replaces HTML, create by convenient customer and edit;Direct build up a chain to answer(page, exterior conjunction, picture etc.) with the key word to expand a news contents;The WIKI system still adopted an edition control system(RCS) manage the contents of web page, allowing the customer can arbitrarily establish, modify, delete a page and make the news become a kind of the news kind that community of dynamic state changed a traditional medium website Tai thus-static state of according to a thing;Moreover, in handing over sex with each other, the WIKI system adoption establishes the way of “discussion page” to the web page and lets the customer announces his/her owns viewpoint, and while making important decision, the adoption publicly votes of the method let a customer do-it-yourself choice.The open type system that allows amateur customer’s creations and editor has never made WIKI the news sink into to disorder, contrary, the customer created in the middle of disordering a kind of order.

Platt (2011) “In Web 2.0, the programming models, concepts and techniques are significantly different from those that have been used in the enterprise. While they are services-based and underpinned with the concept of messaging passing, they use Representational State Transfer (REST) protocols, and focus on simplicity and ease of use.” On the customer’s layer, is regardless tiny contents a production still a technique to open, all should toward the direction of customer”my medium” development, creates for the customer characteristic make to order and produce, “personal gate” of the characteristic demonstration and characteristic association is the key that stirs up to grow tail vitality.(this is exactly also the shortage of the economic Chinese net)
Platt (2011) “Web 2.0 applications are inherently composable and compositable; because they are built with lightweight programming models and standards-based services, new applications can be created by composing or “mashing up” present applications and services. Mashups are where applications and services are composed at the UI; composition is the more general case of services being reused, but both are easily supported in Web 2.0 programming.” Any social behavior all comes from a notional guide, while the idea then derive from a reality demand and to the history, reality and future insight into.Whether we how don’t wish or not, “participation ages” and”turn at the center” and homologous”personal gate ages” just at or will soon become the topic that the network era can not converse.”We are opening a golden age of news industry, but this news industry isn’t the news industry that we are usually familiar with.The medium futurologist has been already predicted, till 2021, 50% news will be provided by the public, the essential news medium have to gradually adopt and practice this kind of all new form”, the ⑤ “the strength of the medium belongs to a person who own the medium forever” is becoming a kind of lies.In the new ages, each common run of people controls implements of production, they are the participant and manufacturers of contentses in the medium websites, more important BE, they are also “the benefits has relation to”, they will influence by own activity and even decide the future of the network medium.

Banerjee (2009) “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan.” If the traditional Web1.0 moves industry society to get to the Internet a net, can carry out successful of words, the Web2.0 makes the Chinese Internet expanded the first time touched soft economic category.The whole business models silently have to convert humanized experience economy to descend from constrained market experience, each netizen isn’t the simple information consumption any more political satellite.Have to admit that the Web2.0 beat one needle for Chinese Internet, Chinese network economy from produce consumer whole value logic is just rewrited by a little, this kind of change not only only stays around an Internet up, being similar to the experience economy of”super female voice” has already gone deep into public.But the productivity and people turn of the Web2.0 have never had three chemical elements to seduce together in the first wave tide in the Internet with not- sudden wealth emotion and produced a combination because of the catalyst of Web2.0 for the first time.Our going deep into to realize Web2.0 concepts is led into the year of China, completely can discover a lot of and have astringent qualities and emphasize Google technique doctrine.

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Leveraging the long tail

As the netizen of body and manufacturer and consumers, all of their productions to any knowledges are taking the consumption of knowledge as is antecedent, the information product of traditional medium and gate website is the important resources that they carry on knowledge production, particularly in regard to news.Because professional creation and authority of traditional medium believe a source and industrialize the news of large-scale production to have the function that can not act for, this part of news and knowledge still keep being having a great deal of need for the web 2.0 ageses and say according to the words of Anne virtuous Sen, this knowledge is a popular product, these products constituted demanding information head, and we called that it is “group leader”.At the same time, are the mode of production and core competencies that the network medium possess singly because of the tiny contents production, this knowledge has infinite production again in the meantime, infinite consume, infinite dissemination of possibility, they meet together together, constitute far than the tail of the head and the body longer and larger infinite extension.Now but speech, the exit of website that traditional website does lies in how”group leader” and”grow tail” the knot put together, model the core competencies of medium website together.

The strength that grows tail is no more lousy than group leader, but our medium website far and far gets behind with a business website to web 2.0 applications.For example, new China net is as early as service for releasing RSS to come together news in 2004, is local head house to provide the network medium that RSS comes together news service, but henceforth 3 the middle of the year, rarely develop again and web 2.0 related other business. Krijthe (2009) pointed that  “One observation I want to make is that the model proposed by Anderson might be too Utopian to be true. The data suggests a shift towards the tail, but not to the end of the tail, where everybody would get specific products especially tailored to their needs.” People net in 2006 the beginning of every year inauguration big country blog, provide a net to take off service in the big country community that lately changes a version at the end of in 2006, establish to argue hall, parts of channels provide RSS to come together news service, but total up see, also have no complete of the web is 2.0 service terraces.The economic Chinese net seems to walk a little bit far, blog, sow guest, turn services, such as son and personal gate…etc. to all have, look like very well-found, but various application is isolated, didn’t develop a web 2.0 characteristics, didn’t carry out real”personal gate class” application.Cast aside a system, funds and technique in spite of, point the present condition of the medium website explain, we are on the idea to web 2.0 lack should have sharply and open, it develops path to be placed in a beginning stage more.
Kambil (2008) ” the next managerial challenge will be to truly tailor interactions to create rich, emotionally-resonant experiences for users.” Although web 2.0 usages are still groping for, successful case expresses, web 2.0 keys of applications lie in the interaction of technique, tiny contents and customer:The netizen creates or additional contents, the technique provides to organize a tiny contents with and netizen alternant means, contents or according to the interacting of tiny contents satisfy customer’s need.Only put together these three kinds of functions organic knots, success of long tail just probably. Deitel (2011) “A local movie store has limited shelf space and serves a small, local population; it cannot afford the space to carry the Long Tail movies in every store.”
On the tiny contents production, the medium website should provide the customer’s tiny contents production of the possible kimono of various production tiny contents duty to come from three aspects for customer:(1)The customer creates a contents;(for example blog|music)(2)The customer adds a contents;(for example the net take off|map) Anderson (2005)  “Leverage customer-self service and algorithmic data management to reach out to the entire web, to the edges and not just the center, to the long tail and not just the head.” The customer’s behavior creation or add a contents.(click|choice|evaluation)Certainly, these tiny contentses produces more is a customer, “for mine” produces, as the medium website of business enterprise, need to be investigated the production change of this kind of”is I” is the path of the production of production, “is society” of “is others”.OhmyNews company”citizen’s news” in the Korean creation is a good example.OhmyNews has around 50 occupation reporters and editor be responsible for sieving, editor and add tens of thousands amateur volunteers compose of press release, these volunteers may be a ragtag as well as be an university professor, 2| of the news contents total contents in the equal to website created by them 3, the tiny contents mode of production of this original is exactly the real strength place of network medium.

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Perpetual beta

The Web2.0 is a terrace Web or outstrips Web and takes other forms as terrace( like the i-Tunes of apple, physically is a number music player that made use of network platform strength) and pass to arouse dispersion of, the independent developer combine each system and the website to form 1 to greatly gather, and pass to share and the structure participating in drive a network effect and become data to”Intel Inside”, such as Wikipedia.

StonyArc (2007) states “Perpetual beta is actually a software developer term to describe software or a system which never leaves the development stage of beta.” The software is overridden to single layer of equipments in the Web2.0 on, passing the consociation of contents and service can make the business model of light quantity gone the purchase of software circulation end(“permanence of Beta version”), be equipments and procedure allied net after, apply procedure Be not the software product any more, they are under way of service, new of the characteristic need not beat to wrap whole issue, but as one part that the normal customer experiences personally, periodical increase, the tester for customer to becomes solid guides service.The Web2.0 has to pull to move the ability of growing the tail and passes leverage, makes self-help service of consumer and calculate way data managed to extend the whole Internet and arrives an edge but not only arrives only and centrally long tail but not only is only a head.
The Web2.0 by all means causes the society demanding increment with the artificial center, the acculturation becomes Web2.0 service widespreadly has of characteristic, not only the Linkedin, UUzone and horizon net is this kind of social website and also include other door tool even service. Maio (2010) said that “A bill could be drafted by a group of members from a particular party or party coalition, engaging stakeholders of their choice, to then appear into the parliamentary processes for internal and formal discussion.” No matter is an exchanges tool(Blog), contents to obtain tool(RSS) still and is in conjunction with to create tools together(Wiki) all at continuously increment open with participation degree, present a more and more acculturation characteristics, each customer owned many social intercourse networks of dimensions.On the other hand, with typical model of come from the cooperation of laboring the division of labour to contain different relation in the distribute type cognition, the acculturation in the Web2.0 is over-emphasized to the human relations associates, concern emotion interaction, the customer trusts more, the loyalty raises, the acculturation becomes promote the distribute type cognition activity of important factor.The special of distribute type cognition comes to a decision in the Web2.0 we have to set out to investigate the whole cognition in Web to distribute from several angles and adopt an analytical and comprehensive method of dialectics for combining together.Because the standpoint of distribute type cognition mainly from the rightness the case of task completion that practices a common body get of, the fulfillment common body is the system that the results has the initiative, but the system in the general Web2.0 is the system of sharing and exchanges and finally not necessarily express as a result for can complete a particular task.Therefore, the distribute type cognition is in the Web2.0 of applied and by all means have to definitely limit sex.As a new thing, the Web2.0 carries out mode to still be placed in continuous quest in, but can foresee, under the guide of principle that this kind of brand-new, the Internet will gradually head for maturity.

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Software above the level of a single device

The Web2.0 passes a certain topic to contact customer, the customer’s the method sharing, interaction of the information communication that passes an open type, establishment certain of relationship, according to the rule cooperation push Internet of some shares from have no the preface change into a preface.The characteristic of Web2.0 makes the cognition in which had the characteristics of typical distribute type cognition, compared with the Web1.0, the Web2.0 supports a distribute type more cognition view. Singh (2006) pointed that “Design your application from the get-go to integrate services across handheld devices, PCs, and internet servers.” The distribute type cognition theories is 1 in consideration of cognize the new look of system entire content, that theories thinks and cognize Be distributed to inside the individual, individual, medium, environment, culture, society and time in, from from the individual and the other individuals, artificial product and environment constitute of the layer of function system to explain a cognition phenomenon. Jon (2007) said “iTunes is the best exemplar of this principle. This application seamlessly reaches from the handheld device to a massive web back-end, with the PC acting as a local cache and control station. There have been many previous attempts to bring web content to portable devices, but the iPod/iTunes combination is one of the first such applications designed from the ground up to span multiple devices.” From can nicely explain this cognition phenomenon from the angle of organization theories, it embodied indetermination of have no the system of preface to have a preface the conversion process of the equilibrium system.The characteristic of distribute type cognition got an outstanding embodiment in the Web2.0.

The website of Web2.0 is mostly a certain topic but sets up of, each website is an included participant’s all, artificial product and particular environment of function sexual behavior- based society-technique system.If Flickr provides photograph to save to serve with sharing, allows to be on-line to deposit registered bank account the Web address that oneself collects, the bean petal net is been used to share the customer’s feeling to a certain book, a certain movie, a certain music, but Wikipedia is 1 can be been solid by anyone editor, cooperation but become of encyclopedia, these acculturation network service passes customer to trust or interest conjunction various group.

Sparks (2008) showed “Web 2.0 applications are not limited to the PC platform. Even the simplest web application involves at least two computers: the one hosting the web server and the one hosting the browser.” The share of information is an alternant important premise, share passage and knowledge to make the individual able to adopt various exchanges methods, and can make to expect to get coordination, this kind of coordination continuously appears and constituted the foundation of moderating the activity, but intelligence product of give keep to scatter vein at the material territory in, make the operation structure of brain inner part been more totally different than traditional situation.The Web2.0 passes to open API to let customer setting up of participation contents level in the website, and adopt a creative sex technique contents and Blog and other applications the whole share that put together, make the information got the biggest degree.Majority of websites of Web2.0 all adopted a Tag label technique and had RSS in the meantime simple come together function.The customer uses Tag to expediently share his/her own photograph, book label and feel etc., can also cooperate to make use of each other of Tags to discover a new contents;But RSS is a needs not to open to correspond a website to directly use table’s top procedure or inside place a browser and then can release place to receive an information from the contents of technique, information with be easy to processed format display, and can press to need to be received, information of the share become more efficiently convenient.In addition, friendship conjunction and TrackBack and particular software customer passing to provide can also follow to obtain some the category useful chain to connect information and other customers dynamic state information, real carry out solid share.

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Rich user experiences

The most fascinating fancy of Blog is a reader and turning round of medium right relation. Formerly medium contents will pass by to in multiple layers guard a pass, polish, finally just present to be subjected to many. But Blog write whole with personal is it. Blog it in no case and only lies in formality at the meaning of network medium, more important BE, its solving has been perplexing network medium of how provide the problem of discriminating between the traditional medium information. Rogowski (2006) pointed “Motorola’s home page is a showcase for its handheld products. But users have to endure more than 15 seconds of a Flash intro before they’re able to browse through images of popular Motorola phones.” Though down to date, the network medium still keep airing the electronics versions of traditional medium, the network medium pass the original contents that BBS waits a way creation, have been canning not become the essential contents of network medium because of expressing problems, such as way, format and organization. These precious Internet original condenses produced in the Internet and immediately perished in the Internet. Rogowski (2006) also suggested “If users want to learn more about the voice, data, music, image, and Internet features of the new Q smartphone, they’re hit with more than 30 more seconds of Flash-based product marketing before they can actually select product features to view.”

Creation and storage of information and knowledge are similar to the Internet to be placed in dispersion appearance, the traditional medium pass to adopt a plate and get up information concentration and provide to read for reader, this probably cans be carried out in the traditional medium, but the essence of the network medium is amount of sea, network medium weak reporter the troops request a form to the contents of network medium sea quantity together entirely inadequate, network medium of original have to look for another exit. In fact, professional blog service type website in, with lend it the original contents that huge customer’s community provides, solemnly the formation challenge a new wave and search of fox etc. three websites power.

Web 2.0 not only make the customer participate in the operation of Internet, but also consumedly stirred up the creation of the network medium and the desire of the innovation. Sternm (2007) “The focus seems to be transitioning from ‘Web 2.0’ to ‘User Experience 2.0’ as these brands prioritize the customer experience and are exploring the best ways to reach their consumers during their busy, on-the-go day.” Endless dead silent after 4 years behind, the Internet re- becomes animate and continuously appears the new thing of excited public, social book label, the picture sharing, RSS and tag ……the customer’s participation have already brought us a totally different Internet, along with this kind of need of suddenly increase, more innovation necessarily will in great quantities flow out now.

Collectively composed a blog by the professional reporter of the same realm, political columnist of reporter, science and technology reporter and football is going to each report way realm, everyone collectively matches to write a blog. Compose the person of professional report way every day, definitely there are some interesting matters, probably record inside in one of his blog. The reporter, editor contains certainly quite good personal blog, but the collective website can even draw on a reader, be like who cover of which then “inside story news” of the news, news back etc., can appear in the collective blog.

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Innovation is assembly

One of the most obvious trends is the exchanges that passes the user’s to provide service, negotiate and apply in the network. Generally speaking, this will be high technique profession to turn. The dissemination of last business model also relates to trend.

Traditional business model, the company will try to protect an intelligent property right, however incline toward a kind of liberal standard, agreement and application software more under the environments through the Web2.0. The resources password can be public or can be chosen by anyone as well. All of big parts of products of these techniques are a kind of is thought to have a special feature and open usage according to the collective intelligence of the structure cooperation. Existing many operate systems, network service and procedure language under this kind of environment.

Wissel (2009) showed that “Working in a web2.0 style is already an innovation by itself. Making content more accessible and connectible works almost like brain cells blasting new neural pathways to make room for new thoughts. Without the capability of cross-pollination.”

The WEB2.0 wants to let all people to all take part in, all the people knits a net, then uses software, the strength of the machine makes these information’s more easily been needed of the person find out and browse. If say that the WEB1.0 takes data as the net of core, the WEB2.0 is with the Internet of artificial starting point.

Together manage, innovate 2.0 is also make the owner all taken part in innovation, make use of various technique means, let knowledge and innovation share and proliferation. If say that innovate 1.0 is take technique as a starting point and innovate 2.0 be with the artificial starting point, the innovation for making people the center, innovation take application as origin, is open creative, common innovate and take customer as center of apply innovation.

eUKhost (2010) “The network effects caused by “architecture of participation”, innovation as the assembly of systems and sites distributed and independent.”

Innovate 2.0 involve great science and technology management problem, is also nation and district science and technology that complexity science and technology innovates to mention in one text creative system, compare the concept of Web2.0 to want greatly and get much. But Web 2.0 should be Innovation 2.0 apply a kind of special manifestation of aspect in the Internet.

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Data is the next ‘Intel Inside’

Web 2.0 has already together seen web 2.0 services blended function (software) and data (what software manages).The Web2.0 serves to inevitably own a data body (Amazon comments on, the chain of eBay product and seller, Google answer), like this come make it have with word processor (the word processor only has software) very different.

James discussed “If data is the next ‘Intel Inside’ then Google Analytics is the operating manual for websites operators trying to understand how to improve the usefulness and success of their site.” The data is the different place of a key. Under majority of circumstances, the company namely provides data service (for example Google) and owns a data.(for example the chain connect an information) But not always such, for example Google Maps, the Google company has no data, the map data comes from a company like this, the satellite data then derives from Digital Globe. Google Maps in the future from at least two dates of source head blend together. James also said that “If a Google Analytics user managed more than one site from the same account there could be advantages to being able to analyze the data from one site against another.”

Adopt the website of this kind of “data chain”: housing maps (a house related map website) be Google Maps and Craigslist (famous small advertisement net in the world) blend together. The establishment of data is more difficult, the website is expensive. In this example, the data builds up opposite easy, so the company can provide the most useful service to draw on numerous customers to obtain more value thus.

Finin (2005) “The current consensus Web 2.0 model makes use of data interchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT and asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest and that will pave the way for use of RDF.”

People can discover many examples, the control database controls a market thus and acquire a huge sum of profits. The company of Network Solutions, at the beginning from the government grant they at area the monopoly of the registration, become an Internet at the earliest stage. We have already discussed to pass control software API business advantage. Digilee (2010) suggested that “the data becomes substantially more valuable in a shared application context, where system infrastructure uses free and readily accessible data for both community and individual benefit.” This is getting more important in the Internet. Control data source then be not, particularly is if those data source the creation get up very expensive or have responsibility to pass the network influence the increment repay. The Google maps provided a company to carry on a competition to provide a flexible laboratory for applied procedure seller and data. The Google plan mode causes many increase in value a ministry creation to appear by combining a form, use other can connect into the data source chain of Internet to connect Google map. Google map and Craigslist the apartment rent, the family purchased a data to unite and created a residence of interaction to search tool, this was the excellent instance that was similar to Mashup.

Currently, these mashup the great majority are creative experiment, complete to from black guests. But, the activity of entrepreneur follows close behind afterward. People discover that the Google has already occupies the position of data source for a developer of category at least, and is popular themselves of medium lie to insert. Because the data provides company and application procedure the sellers all know, the data of some categories will become web 2.0 apply the foundation of procedure, we will be connecting down to see their occurrence combat in several years.

The contest is at our core data of some types: Position, identity, public thing calendar, the product marks a sign and only assigns name to space. A lot of cost are creating the case of data and probably have opportunity to make Intel Inside mode operation, in the situation that the data only has a source. In other respect, the first company that passes a customer to come together, arrive critical capacity will be win, and turn the data coming together to contribute efforts to the system.

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