Our Enterprise 2.0

According to E20Portal (2007) Enterprise 2.0 is “Openness encourages participation, Greater knowledge capture and sharing, Recruit and keep talented employees and Greater efficiency and less duplication.” Billycripe suggested that “The corollary of this is that workplace privacy will kill you.  Let me be clear.  I am not suggesting that the HR department should air all dirty laundry or even some of it.  Rather I am talking about “privacy” or anonymity on social and collaborative E20 platforms, tools and technologies inside the boundaries of the organization.”

Enterprise 2.0 refers to the business or organization the use of information technology to achieve a harmonious, transparent and efficient collaborative work mode. The core idea is that Enterprise 2.0 communication and collaboration. The core idea is that Enterprise 2.0 communication and collaboration. Overall, the enterprise 2.0 enterprise management in order to achieve efficient communication of information and efficient collaboration of stakeholders, not limited to a certain technology (such as ajax, soa, etc.) or some applications (such as wiki, blog, etc.) . Enterprise 2.0 thinking that: when the information flow and exchange of increasingly smooth, the firm who with colleagues, teams, customers and partners such as the communication will become more efficient (and thus avoid the emergence of prisoner’s dilemma), and when the communication becomes more free and open time (within reason), business people can get more feedback from the surrounding in order to achieve more interaction (resulting in collaboration), while business people will be even more rapid response to the problem, agile, so judgments will become more accurate.

Enterprise 2.0 is the main organizations in the “vast majority” of people, thus the reason why we believe that Enterprise 2.0 is the change in business management thinking, because it more attention than ever before in the enterprise initiative, rather than a kinds of tools, processes or models in the “enterprise infrastructure,” brought about change. Meanwhile, enterprise 2.0, in a sense saying again Matsushita’s management, “business management in the past is communication, it is communication, the future of communication” based on information technology to flourish.

Many enthusiasts believe that Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 will change the culture, so that they are more transparent, freedom, harmony, and they also think that Enterprise 2.0 can be driven by a more flat organizational structure, and even to bureaucratic. But some people also believe that Enterprise 2.0 can only open a concrete manifestation of the working methods, which basically do not have enough power to change an organization’s corporate culture and structure, but it can exert influence. The latter does not that sound exciting, but we do need to confront in the implementation of Enterprise 2.0 may be placed in front of you the cold facts.

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Billycripe. 2010. Facebook Privacy Concerns Highlight Enterprise 2.0 Benefits. http://cfour.fishbowlsolutions.com/2010/05/21/facebook-privacy-concerns-highlight-enterprise-2-0-benefits/ (accessed September 20, 2010).


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