The social network business

According to Swearingen “Social networking may sound fluffy, but it can translate into real benefits for you and your company.”    Karrer pointed that ” Social networking media are used on a daily basis to grow businesses and expand career opportunities. Individuals use social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo as career-advancing tools, even more useful in a down economy. “

Information Technology and the Internet has on people study and work everywhere in the infiltration, in which the business impact of the work is particularly important, in addition to the fixed Internet environment, the Internet has a clear purpose, is committed to conduct business via the Internet are also the owners of the Internet some of the most robust and reliable. Network of business assistance and business people use the network to form an integral complex.

SNS social networking software, social software is dominant, that is more concerned about immediate social friend of the establishment of a community nature, friends, human resources can be shared between, there is a direct application of goal-directed nature of social relations in the establishment of completion of the course or solve specific application problems. To contact the family (, for example, is a professional Chinese-speaking world for the SNS website. Registered as a member, people can create and manage their own site to network. Compared with other Chinese SNS sites, contact the family has a fundamental difference, its members, from various industry professionals, in liaison home, you are and you get to know the real needs of work and research consistent with the Friends You will get more jobs, with more competitive quality and price of goods, linked to more sales channels, the first step to grasp business opportunities, which are in other dating sites can not be achieved.

While most people in the industry believe that human-centered social network is the next wave of trends, future profitability is not a problem, but how many social networks to stay up till the day profitable, but it is a big problem. Why do they all look about the same social network. In fact, the management of the nature and purpose of human capacity to enlarge and aggregation: on the one hand to the workers through the provision of appropriate tools, incentives and work environment to enable them to maximize their potential; and the need to use some method to release the ability to aggregate together to achieve their own power is difficult to achieve. Long internal network through a variety of social networking is the new online communication and collaboration tools, to further enlarge and aggregation of human creativity.

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  1. I really liked your post this week. I oftern keep up with your blog as I find the way you present your ideas very intreaging. You didn’t touch on any risks however, I tend to ignore them when using social media for myself because I don’t have any information up there that can be used against me. I guess the ultimate form of protection is to monitor the content you post, do you agree?



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