Data is the next ‘Intel Inside’

Web 2.0 has already together seen web 2.0 services blended function (software) and data (what software manages).The Web2.0 serves to inevitably own a data body (Amazon comments on, the chain of eBay product and seller, Google answer), like this come make it have with word processor (the word processor only has software) very different.

James discussed “If data is the next ‘Intel Inside’ then Google Analytics is the operating manual for websites operators trying to understand how to improve the usefulness and success of their site.” The data is the different place of a key. Under majority of circumstances, the company namely provides data service (for example Google) and owns a data.(for example the chain connect an information) But not always such, for example Google Maps, the Google company has no data, the map data comes from a company like this, the satellite data then derives from Digital Globe. Google Maps in the future from at least two dates of source head blend together. James also said that “If a Google Analytics user managed more than one site from the same account there could be advantages to being able to analyze the data from one site against another.”

Adopt the website of this kind of “data chain”: housing maps (a house related map website) be Google Maps and Craigslist (famous small advertisement net in the world) blend together. The establishment of data is more difficult, the website is expensive. In this example, the data builds up opposite easy, so the company can provide the most useful service to draw on numerous customers to obtain more value thus.

Finin (2005) “The current consensus Web 2.0 model makes use of data interchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT and asynchronous data retrieval using XMLHttpRequest and that will pave the way for use of RDF.”

People can discover many examples, the control database controls a market thus and acquire a huge sum of profits. The company of Network Solutions, at the beginning from the government grant they at area the monopoly of the registration, become an Internet at the earliest stage. We have already discussed to pass control software API business advantage. Digilee (2010) suggested that “the data becomes substantially more valuable in a shared application context, where system infrastructure uses free and readily accessible data for both community and individual benefit.” This is getting more important in the Internet. Control data source then be not, particularly is if those data source the creation get up very expensive or have responsibility to pass the network influence the increment repay. The Google maps provided a company to carry on a competition to provide a flexible laboratory for applied procedure seller and data. The Google plan mode causes many increase in value a ministry creation to appear by combining a form, use other can connect into the data source chain of Internet to connect Google map. Google map and Craigslist the apartment rent, the family purchased a data to unite and created a residence of interaction to search tool, this was the excellent instance that was similar to Mashup.

Currently, these mashup the great majority are creative experiment, complete to from black guests. But, the activity of entrepreneur follows close behind afterward. People discover that the Google has already occupies the position of data source for a developer of category at least, and is popular themselves of medium lie to insert. Because the data provides company and application procedure the sellers all know, the data of some categories will become web 2.0 apply the foundation of procedure, we will be connecting down to see their occurrence combat in several years.

The contest is at our core data of some types: Position, identity, public thing calendar, the product marks a sign and only assigns name to space. A lot of cost are creating the case of data and probably have opportunity to make Intel Inside mode operation, in the situation that the data only has a source. In other respect, the first company that passes a customer to come together, arrive critical capacity will be win, and turn the data coming together to contribute efforts to the system.

Reference: Digilee. 2010. Data Is The Next Intel Inside: Participation Builds Success. Accessed March 26, 2011.

Finin, Tim. 2005. Knowledge is the next “next intel inside”. Accessed March 26, 2011.

James. 2009. Google Analytics Case Study – Data is the next ‘Intel Inside’Accessed March 26, 2011.



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