Innovation is assembly

One of the most obvious trends is the exchanges that passes the user’s to provide service, negotiate and apply in the network. Generally speaking, this will be high technique profession to turn. The dissemination of last business model also relates to trend.

Traditional business model, the company will try to protect an intelligent property right, however incline toward a kind of liberal standard, agreement and application software more under the environments through the Web2.0. The resources password can be public or can be chosen by anyone as well. All of big parts of products of these techniques are a kind of is thought to have a special feature and open usage according to the collective intelligence of the structure cooperation. Existing many operate systems, network service and procedure language under this kind of environment.

Wissel (2009) showed that “Working in a web2.0 style is already an innovation by itself. Making content more accessible and connectible works almost like brain cells blasting new neural pathways to make room for new thoughts. Without the capability of cross-pollination.”

The WEB2.0 wants to let all people to all take part in, all the people knits a net, then uses software, the strength of the machine makes these information’s more easily been needed of the person find out and browse. If say that the WEB1.0 takes data as the net of core, the WEB2.0 is with the Internet of artificial starting point.

Together manage, innovate 2.0 is also make the owner all taken part in innovation, make use of various technique means, let knowledge and innovation share and proliferation. If say that innovate 1.0 is take technique as a starting point and innovate 2.0 be with the artificial starting point, the innovation for making people the center, innovation take application as origin, is open creative, common innovate and take customer as center of apply innovation.

eUKhost (2010) “The network effects caused by “architecture of participation”, innovation as the assembly of systems and sites distributed and independent.”

Innovate 2.0 involve great science and technology management problem, is also nation and district science and technology that complexity science and technology innovates to mention in one text creative system, compare the concept of Web2.0 to want greatly and get much. But Web 2.0 should be Innovation 2.0 apply a kind of special manifestation of aspect in the Internet.

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Wissel, H. Stephan. 2009. Implementing web2.0 in the Enterprise. Accessed March 26, 2011.



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