Rich user experiences

The most fascinating fancy of Blog is a reader and turning round of medium right relation. Formerly medium contents will pass by to in multiple layers guard a pass, polish, finally just present to be subjected to many. But Blog write whole with personal is it. Blog it in no case and only lies in formality at the meaning of network medium, more important BE, its solving has been perplexing network medium of how provide the problem of discriminating between the traditional medium information. Rogowski (2006) pointed “Motorola’s home page is a showcase for its handheld products. But users have to endure more than 15 seconds of a Flash intro before they’re able to browse through images of popular Motorola phones.” Though down to date, the network medium still keep airing the electronics versions of traditional medium, the network medium pass the original contents that BBS waits a way creation, have been canning not become the essential contents of network medium because of expressing problems, such as way, format and organization. These precious Internet original condenses produced in the Internet and immediately perished in the Internet. Rogowski (2006) also suggested “If users want to learn more about the voice, data, music, image, and Internet features of the new Q smartphone, they’re hit with more than 30 more seconds of Flash-based product marketing before they can actually select product features to view.”

Creation and storage of information and knowledge are similar to the Internet to be placed in dispersion appearance, the traditional medium pass to adopt a plate and get up information concentration and provide to read for reader, this probably cans be carried out in the traditional medium, but the essence of the network medium is amount of sea, network medium weak reporter the troops request a form to the contents of network medium sea quantity together entirely inadequate, network medium of original have to look for another exit. In fact, professional blog service type website in, with lend it the original contents that huge customer’s community provides, solemnly the formation challenge a new wave and search of fox etc. three websites power.

Web 2.0 not only make the customer participate in the operation of Internet, but also consumedly stirred up the creation of the network medium and the desire of the innovation. Sternm (2007) “The focus seems to be transitioning from ‘Web 2.0’ to ‘User Experience 2.0’ as these brands prioritize the customer experience and are exploring the best ways to reach their consumers during their busy, on-the-go day.” Endless dead silent after 4 years behind, the Internet re- becomes animate and continuously appears the new thing of excited public, social book label, the picture sharing, RSS and tag ……the customer’s participation have already brought us a totally different Internet, along with this kind of need of suddenly increase, more innovation necessarily will in great quantities flow out now.

Collectively composed a blog by the professional reporter of the same realm, political columnist of reporter, science and technology reporter and football is going to each report way realm, everyone collectively matches to write a blog. Compose the person of professional report way every day, definitely there are some interesting matters, probably record inside in one of his blog. The reporter, editor contains certainly quite good personal blog, but the collective website can even draw on a reader, be like who cover of which then “inside story news” of the news, news back etc., can appear in the collective blog.

Reference: Mwesch. 2007. The Machine is Us/ing Us. Accessed March 27, 2011.

Rogowski,Ron. 2006. Optimizing the Web2.0 User Experience. Accessed March 27, 2011.

Sternm, Allen. 2007. Moving from ‘Web 2.0’ to ‘User Experience 2.0’ Accessed March 27, 2011.



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