Software above the level of a single device

The Web2.0 passes a certain topic to contact customer, the customer’s the method sharing, interaction of the information communication that passes an open type, establishment certain of relationship, according to the rule cooperation push Internet of some shares from have no the preface change into a preface.The characteristic of Web2.0 makes the cognition in which had the characteristics of typical distribute type cognition, compared with the Web1.0, the Web2.0 supports a distribute type more cognition view. Singh (2006) pointed that “Design your application from the get-go to integrate services across handheld devices, PCs, and internet servers.” The distribute type cognition theories is 1 in consideration of cognize the new look of system entire content, that theories thinks and cognize Be distributed to inside the individual, individual, medium, environment, culture, society and time in, from from the individual and the other individuals, artificial product and environment constitute of the layer of function system to explain a cognition phenomenon. Jon (2007) said “iTunes is the best exemplar of this principle. This application seamlessly reaches from the handheld device to a massive web back-end, with the PC acting as a local cache and control station. There have been many previous attempts to bring web content to portable devices, but the iPod/iTunes combination is one of the first such applications designed from the ground up to span multiple devices.” From can nicely explain this cognition phenomenon from the angle of organization theories, it embodied indetermination of have no the system of preface to have a preface the conversion process of the equilibrium system.The characteristic of distribute type cognition got an outstanding embodiment in the Web2.0.

The website of Web2.0 is mostly a certain topic but sets up of, each website is an included participant’s all, artificial product and particular environment of function sexual behavior- based society-technique system.If Flickr provides photograph to save to serve with sharing, allows to be on-line to deposit registered bank account the Web address that oneself collects, the bean petal net is been used to share the customer’s feeling to a certain book, a certain movie, a certain music, but Wikipedia is 1 can be been solid by anyone editor, cooperation but become of encyclopedia, these acculturation network service passes customer to trust or interest conjunction various group.

Sparks (2008) showed “Web 2.0 applications are not limited to the PC platform. Even the simplest web application involves at least two computers: the one hosting the web server and the one hosting the browser.” The share of information is an alternant important premise, share passage and knowledge to make the individual able to adopt various exchanges methods, and can make to expect to get coordination, this kind of coordination continuously appears and constituted the foundation of moderating the activity, but intelligence product of give keep to scatter vein at the material territory in, make the operation structure of brain inner part been more totally different than traditional situation.The Web2.0 passes to open API to let customer setting up of participation contents level in the website, and adopt a creative sex technique contents and Blog and other applications the whole share that put together, make the information got the biggest degree.Majority of websites of Web2.0 all adopted a Tag label technique and had RSS in the meantime simple come together function.The customer uses Tag to expediently share his/her own photograph, book label and feel etc., can also cooperate to make use of each other of Tags to discover a new contents;But RSS is a needs not to open to correspond a website to directly use table’s top procedure or inside place a browser and then can release place to receive an information from the contents of technique, information with be easy to processed format display, and can press to need to be received, information of the share become more efficiently convenient.In addition, friendship conjunction and TrackBack and particular software customer passing to provide can also follow to obtain some the category useful chain to connect information and other customers dynamic state information, real carry out solid share.

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  1. Hey,

    I was just wondering if you could describe some specific examples of software above the level of a single device? Dropbox and Facebook are some common examples. Are their come niche applications that fit the bill as well?

    Anthony Deacon


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