Leveraging the long tail

As the netizen of body and manufacturer and consumers, all of their productions to any knowledges are taking the consumption of knowledge as is antecedent, the information product of traditional medium and gate website is the important resources that they carry on knowledge production, particularly in regard to news.Because professional creation and authority of traditional medium believe a source and industrialize the news of large-scale production to have the function that can not act for, this part of news and knowledge still keep being having a great deal of need for the web 2.0 ageses and say according to the words of Anne virtuous Sen, this knowledge is a popular product, these products constituted demanding information head, and we called that it is “group leader”.At the same time, are the mode of production and core competencies that the network medium possess singly because of the tiny contents production, this knowledge has infinite production again in the meantime, infinite consume, infinite dissemination of possibility, they meet together together, constitute far than the tail of the head and the body longer and larger infinite extension.Now but speech, the exit of website that traditional website does lies in how”group leader” and”grow tail” the knot put together, model the core competencies of medium website together.

The strength that grows tail is no more lousy than group leader, but our medium website far and far gets behind with a business website to web 2.0 applications.For example, new China net is as early as service for releasing RSS to come together news in 2004, is local head house to provide the network medium that RSS comes together news service, but henceforth 3 the middle of the year, rarely develop again and web 2.0 related other business. Krijthe (2009) pointed that  “One observation I want to make is that the model proposed by Anderson might be too Utopian to be true. The data suggests a shift towards the tail, but not to the end of the tail, where everybody would get specific products especially tailored to their needs.” People net in 2006 the beginning of every year inauguration big country blog, provide a net to take off service in the big country community that lately changes a version at the end of in 2006, establish to argue hall, parts of channels provide RSS to come together news service, but total up see, also have no complete of the web is 2.0 service terraces.The economic Chinese net seems to walk a little bit far, blog, sow guest, turn services, such as son and personal gate…etc. to all have, look like very well-found, but various application is isolated, didn’t develop a web 2.0 characteristics, didn’t carry out real”personal gate class” application.Cast aside a system, funds and technique in spite of, point the present condition of the medium website explain, we are on the idea to web 2.0 lack should have sharply and open, it develops path to be placed in a beginning stage more.
Kambil (2008) ” the next managerial challenge will be to truly tailor interactions to create rich, emotionally-resonant experiences for users.” Although web 2.0 usages are still groping for, successful case expresses, web 2.0 keys of applications lie in the interaction of technique, tiny contents and customer:The netizen creates or additional contents, the technique provides to organize a tiny contents with and netizen alternant means, contents or according to the interacting of tiny contents satisfy customer’s need.Only put together these three kinds of functions organic knots, success of long tail just probably. Deitel (2011) “A local movie store has limited shelf space and serves a small, local population; it cannot afford the space to carry the Long Tail movies in every store.”
On the tiny contents production, the medium website should provide the customer’s tiny contents production of the possible kimono of various production tiny contents duty to come from three aspects for customer:(1)The customer creates a contents;(for example blog|music)(2)The customer adds a contents;(for example the net take off|map) Anderson (2005)  “Leverage customer-self service and algorithmic data management to reach out to the entire web, to the edges and not just the center, to the long tail and not just the head.” The customer’s behavior creation or add a contents.(click|choice|evaluation)Certainly, these tiny contentses produces more is a customer, “for mine” produces, as the medium website of business enterprise, need to be investigated the production change of this kind of”is I” is the path of the production of production, “is society” of “is others”.OhmyNews company”citizen’s news” in the Korean creation is a good example.OhmyNews has around 50 occupation reporters and editor be responsible for sieving, editor and add tens of thousands amateur volunteers compose of press release, these volunteers may be a ragtag as well as be an university professor, 2| of the news contents total contents in the equal to website created by them 3, the tiny contents mode of production of this original is exactly the real strength place of network medium.

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