Lightweight models and cost effective scalability

On the technique, the medium website should thoroughly open various technique resources and provide an ability to get up tiny contents organization and provide alternant technique means for customer.”WIKI news” of the WIKI encyclopedia(www.wikinews.Org)formed example in this aspect, it”with the position of neutral to cooperation report way with gather all news of topics” is purpose, community cooperation the creations and classification gather and then become WIKI the characteristics of the news.On the technique, use the complicated format marking that the simple format marking replaces HTML, create by convenient customer and edit;Direct build up a chain to answer(page, exterior conjunction, picture etc.) with the key word to expand a news contents;The WIKI system still adopted an edition control system(RCS) manage the contents of web page, allowing the customer can arbitrarily establish, modify, delete a page and make the news become a kind of the news kind that community of dynamic state changed a traditional medium website Tai thus-static state of according to a thing;Moreover, in handing over sex with each other, the WIKI system adoption establishes the way of “discussion page” to the web page and lets the customer announces his/her owns viewpoint, and while making important decision, the adoption publicly votes of the method let a customer do-it-yourself choice.The open type system that allows amateur customer’s creations and editor has never made WIKI the news sink into to disorder, contrary, the customer created in the middle of disordering a kind of order.

Platt (2011) “In Web 2.0, the programming models, concepts and techniques are significantly different from those that have been used in the enterprise. While they are services-based and underpinned with the concept of messaging passing, they use Representational State Transfer (REST) protocols, and focus on simplicity and ease of use.” On the customer’s layer, is regardless tiny contents a production still a technique to open, all should toward the direction of customer”my medium” development, creates for the customer characteristic make to order and produce, “personal gate” of the characteristic demonstration and characteristic association is the key that stirs up to grow tail vitality.(this is exactly also the shortage of the economic Chinese net)
Platt (2011) “Web 2.0 applications are inherently composable and compositable; because they are built with lightweight programming models and standards-based services, new applications can be created by composing or “mashing up” present applications and services. Mashups are where applications and services are composed at the UI; composition is the more general case of services being reused, but both are easily supported in Web 2.0 programming.” Any social behavior all comes from a notional guide, while the idea then derive from a reality demand and to the history, reality and future insight into.Whether we how don’t wish or not, “participation ages” and”turn at the center” and homologous”personal gate ages” just at or will soon become the topic that the network era can not converse.”We are opening a golden age of news industry, but this news industry isn’t the news industry that we are usually familiar with.The medium futurologist has been already predicted, till 2021, 50% news will be provided by the public, the essential news medium have to gradually adopt and practice this kind of all new form”, the ⑤ “the strength of the medium belongs to a person who own the medium forever” is becoming a kind of lies.In the new ages, each common run of people controls implements of production, they are the participant and manufacturers of contentses in the medium websites, more important BE, they are also “the benefits has relation to”, they will influence by own activity and even decide the future of the network medium.

Banerjee (2009) “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools working software over comprehensive documentation Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan.” If the traditional Web1.0 moves industry society to get to the Internet a net, can carry out successful of words, the Web2.0 makes the Chinese Internet expanded the first time touched soft economic category.The whole business models silently have to convert humanized experience economy to descend from constrained market experience, each netizen isn’t the simple information consumption any more political satellite.Have to admit that the Web2.0 beat one needle for Chinese Internet, Chinese network economy from produce consumer whole value logic is just rewrited by a little, this kind of change not only only stays around an Internet up, being similar to the experience economy of”super female voice” has already gone deep into public.But the productivity and people turn of the Web2.0 have never had three chemical elements to seduce together in the first wave tide in the Internet with not- sudden wealth emotion and produced a combination because of the catalyst of Web2.0 for the first time.Our going deep into to realize Web2.0 concepts is led into the year of China, completely can discover a lot of and have astringent qualities and emphasize Google technique doctrine.

Reference: Platt, Michael. 2011. “Web 2.0 in the Enterprise” Accessed May 16, 2011.

Banerjee, Udayan. 2009. “Web 2.0 – Then And Now”  Accessed May 16, 2011.


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