Harnessing collective intelligence

Similar to many other important concepts, web 2.0 have no solid boundary, but have gravitational core. It could turn web 2.0 images through a series of principle and fulfillment, and confirm that part of or any principles all are leaving core or far or near place.

Zimmerman (2008) pointed that “Web 2.0 has heralded the consumer-led era. Collaboration and participation have led to the rapid proliferation of Web 2.0 technologies.”

People don’t think that he is network service, but actually, advertisement service is the first at with each other connect net up service for widespread developing, the first combination that extensively launches. Each advertise all of horizontals are two websites of the having no of sew up to make, to another one set computer the customer deliver an integrated page. Akamai also sees the network as terrace, deeper time in heap inn, built up a transparent buffer the saving machine and contents deliver a network (CDN) and eased the pressure that the bandwidth blocks.

Zimmerman (2008) also said that “Web 2.0 refers to the second generation of Internet services, which has made the Web a collaborative and interactive platform, and transformed it from a read-only to a read-write medium.”

Even if such, these pioneers provides useful contrast, because join on the same problem behind, can have more thorough solution and become deeper to the characteristic comprehension of new terrace. All of Double-click and Akamais are a web is 2.0 pioneers, however we can also see and pass to include additional web 2.0 design modes and realize more possibilities is much greatly possible. The greatest Internet successful story is never to beat the advertisement of one self’s product. Their adoption virus marketing (viral marketing), this is to say and go direct to from a customer the recommendation publicity of another a customer.  Nations (2008) showed that “Building a web application that harnesses the power of collective intelligence means the application is not functional when development is complete.”  You even can predict, if a website or product depend on an advertisement to just make the person know, he isn’t a web 2.0, even if many infrastructures  that connect a net with each other includes Linux and apache, MySQL and Perl, PHP, or Python etc. involves majority of network servers to depend on personal production(peer-production) method that opens a source, but their oneself is collective, the net-enabled wise example.SourceForge.net has more than 100,000 to open source software item. Anyone can increase item. Anyone can also download and use a code. As the result of the behavior of customer, the new item moves to°from the edge central, an organic software adopts process to almost and completely depend on a virus marketing.
Connell (2006) talked “It is the ‘Web as Platform’ bit of Web 2.0, I feel, that will contribute most to closing the digital divide over time. We are just at the start of this process.” Recently, with the customer participates in collective intelligence for the core thought of Web 2.0 concepts rolled up the whole Internet, the techniques, such as blog, wiki and podcasting and social bookmarking constantly surges people’s brains. When the society digests these techniques hard, they also sped to walk into the step of education realm.

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Our Enterprise 2.0

According to E20Portal (2007) Enterprise 2.0 is “Openness encourages participation, Greater knowledge capture and sharing, Recruit and keep talented employees and Greater efficiency and less duplication.” Billycripe suggested that “The corollary of this is that workplace privacy will kill you.  Let me be clear.  I am not suggesting that the HR department should air all dirty laundry or even some of it.  Rather I am talking about “privacy” or anonymity on social and collaborative E20 platforms, tools and technologies inside the boundaries of the organization.”

Enterprise 2.0 refers to the business or organization the use of information technology to achieve a harmonious, transparent and efficient collaborative work mode. The core idea is that Enterprise 2.0 communication and collaboration. The core idea is that Enterprise 2.0 communication and collaboration. Overall, the enterprise 2.0 enterprise management in order to achieve efficient communication of information and efficient collaboration of stakeholders, not limited to a certain technology (such as ajax, soa, etc.) or some applications (such as wiki, blog, etc.) . Enterprise 2.0 thinking that: when the information flow and exchange of increasingly smooth, the firm who with colleagues, teams, customers and partners such as the communication will become more efficient (and thus avoid the emergence of prisoner’s dilemma), and when the communication becomes more free and open time (within reason), business people can get more feedback from the surrounding in order to achieve more interaction (resulting in collaboration), while business people will be even more rapid response to the problem, agile, so judgments will become more accurate.

Enterprise 2.0 is the main organizations in the “vast majority” of people, thus the reason why we believe that Enterprise 2.0 is the change in business management thinking, because it more attention than ever before in the enterprise initiative, rather than a kinds of tools, processes or models in the “enterprise infrastructure,” brought about change. Meanwhile, enterprise 2.0, in a sense saying again Matsushita’s management, “business management in the past is communication, it is communication, the future of communication” based on information technology to flourish.

Many enthusiasts believe that Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 will change the culture, so that they are more transparent, freedom, harmony, and they also think that Enterprise 2.0 can be driven by a more flat organizational structure, and even to bureaucratic. But some people also believe that Enterprise 2.0 can only open a concrete manifestation of the working methods, which basically do not have enough power to change an organization’s corporate culture and structure, but it can exert influence. The latter does not that sound exciting, but we do need to confront in the implementation of Enterprise 2.0 may be placed in front of you the cold facts.

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The social network business

According to Swearingen “Social networking may sound fluffy, but it can translate into real benefits for you and your company.”    Karrer pointed that ” Social networking media are used on a daily basis to grow businesses and expand career opportunities. Individuals use social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo as career-advancing tools, even more useful in a down economy. “

Information Technology and the Internet has on people study and work everywhere in the infiltration, in which the business impact of the work is particularly important, in addition to the fixed Internet environment, the Internet has a clear purpose, is committed to conduct business via the Internet are also the owners of the Internet some of the most robust and reliable. Network of business assistance and business people use the network to form an integral complex.

SNS social networking software, social software is dominant, that is more concerned about immediate social friend of the establishment of a community nature, friends, human resources can be shared between, there is a direct application of goal-directed nature of social relations in the establishment of completion of the course or solve specific application problems. To contact the family (Linkist.com), for example, is a professional Chinese-speaking world for the SNS website. Registered as a member, people can create and manage their own site to network. Compared with other Chinese SNS sites, contact the family has a fundamental difference, its members, from various industry professionals, in liaison home, you are and you get to know the real needs of work and research consistent with the Friends You will get more jobs, with more competitive quality and price of goods, linked to more sales channels, the first step to grasp business opportunities, which are in other dating sites can not be achieved.

While most people in the industry believe that human-centered social network is the next wave of trends, future profitability is not a problem, but how many social networks to stay up till the day profitable, but it is a big problem. Why do they all look about the same social network. In fact, the management of the nature and purpose of human capacity to enlarge and aggregation: on the one hand to the workers through the provision of appropriate tools, incentives and work environment to enable them to maximize their potential; and the need to use some method to release the ability to aggregate together to achieve their own power is difficult to achieve. Long internal network through a variety of social networking is the new online communication and collaboration tools, to further enlarge and aggregation of human creativity.

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The Business Wiki

Simple explanation, Wiki – a collaborative writing tool for people. Wiki sites can have many (or any visitors) to carry out maintenance, everyone can express their views, or the expansion of common themes and explore. Wiki is an important reason for the rapid acceptance is accelerating as the renewal of knowledge, people are more easily and quickly create, accumulate and share knowledge with each other, and enjoy the knowledge base of people than to contribute to this knowledge base were far more . Through interactive Wiki, you can share your knowledge to the entire world, everyone is free to create knowledge and topics of interest, to share collective wisdom, so that your childhood dream a reality writers to quickly get to know more inclination new friends with similar, of course, more and more advantages.

For example, the enterprise wiki application. In other words, only the use of new technologies is not Enterprise 2.0, and will not lead to success without the basic concept of intention. Enterprises are facing the challenges of technology and methods, from the use of the know that their private use of the Internet people. This can not be directly transferred to the working environment. In addition, businesses often have to use 2.0 also will be accompanied by cultural change. Most employees will need to use the information producers and technology, such as Wikipedia, or social networking applications active.

One of the advantages is that wiki can serve as a personal knowledge base, in fact, more than wikipedia is a collaborative large-scale knowledge base. Wiki compared to doc (word) have the advantage of html format, xy that is a text format, many changes, you can search and so on. Doc is a binary format, into the complicated system will then generate multiple files; the text of text is not easy to find information and do not form, images and html of the tag very troublesome focused on knowledge and body instead of html; ultimately choose is wiki. Which in general can put the wiki on the xy now learned, such as when you configure a system to get the configuration. The configuration process is sometimes written blog can go, but some are not. But wiki would not have control of these, more importantly, when these configuration can be seen, but can be supplemented by others! Another example can be placed in the design data, such as the design process map, tables also document. In fact, this document can be used as an alternative, strictly speaking, an internal document. The third code can be used as backup, data backup, to save the file to the folder you many times over.

Example:  The Business Wiki

It explains five parts which are the world wide wiki,  the wiki knowledge Base, the wiki meeting, wiki project organization and wiki documentation about business and wiki.

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Government 2.0

Robertson (2009) said ” Government 2.0 grew out of Web 2.0 in an attempt to define a new approach to governing which provides governments and their citizens more direct and immediate ways to communicate, engage and collaborate enabled by Web 2.0 principles and tools.”

Firstly, Eade (2010) pointed “Government 2.0 is about Transparency and Openness. It’s about government agencies making available information about their operations and decisions. Proposed federal government legislation flips the default switch on the disclosure of government documents from ‘closed’ to ‘open’.”

Gov 2.0 Examples – Number10.gov.uk

Here is another example : Government 2.0 in Western Australia show us how Gov 2.0 works.

Government 2.0 and politics 2.0 is an exmple that explain the Gov 2.0.


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Business, Enterprise and Blogging

There are many types of business blog: Create a blog for the brand, the company and employees to create a blog and so on. There are many benefits of corporate blog – it’s unobtrusive, can directly access customer feedback; promoted the expansion of interpersonal networks; can help companies set up so the image of innovators.
Does company want?

Although the benefits of business blog seems obvious, but in reality, has its own corporate blog is still in the minority. According to the survey, the Fortune 1000 companies, only 8% of the companies claim to have your own business blog. Main reason seems to be blog and other corporate communications tools and more risky than. Unlike advertising company blog or website, it is in the “blog space” or “blog ring” in the risk of being publicly criticized. And that such criticism is easy online communication, corporate image damage. Although the company CEO who knows the benefits of the blog, but due to time constraints and the public statements of concern, most of the CEO on the corporate blog is still on the fence.

So, create a blog before, managers need to think about whether we really need a business blog. If necessary, they should also address two important questions: Who played the main corporate blog and what features should have a corporate blog.

Blog is a communication tool for a specific audience. Creating corporate blog before, the manager should know, is closely related with the interests of the company of people really look for in the blog business and its products and services. Market research firm Forrester and Pew Company “Network and American Life Project” (PewInternetAmericanLifeProject) report, published comments in the regular blog posts, and read all the blog content is very popular with young people. Therefore, the business blog may be the company to maintain contact with those people and a good way. However, the middle-aged professionals informed of a product through the blog or an event is unlikely. In the business, product blog is very popular, especially information and communication technology topics. In IT products, blog, professional exchange of views only, it is usually based on their blog to get the information to make purchasing decisions. McCann Inc. (UniversalMcCann) A recent study emphasized that blog content has greatly affected the IT product purchasing decisions. More than 50% of respondents said they read the blog content affects their work-related purchasing decisions. Therefore, a key step in creating corporate blog is a quick study closely related to those interests of the company’s interest for people to blog.

If the company decided to establish a corporate blog for customer service, then the benefits of the blog can be received by the enterprise call center to measure the drop in phone calls. With many sites FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section, during business blog for customer service, many previous problems and their answers are open to the public on specific issues, so anyone interested, there may be have found the information they want. If the business blog for customer service call center can reduce the workload, it is legitimate to think that this blog is successful.

Perhaps your business does not need to create the current company blog, but it must be concerned about the blog ring dynamics, in order to monitor the health of the company’s brand, improve customer service and new ideas to improve product development. In this era of consumer content creation, to try new ways to maintain customers and other stakeholders of the contacts are necessary.

Enterprise 2.0 Organisation

Enterprise 2.0 has INB(N)346 as an organisation. It will face a lot of legal risks during the implementing. First of all, Social Media Law: “In looking at the law as it applies to social media it is difficult to develop a complete categorisation system because the issues cross social and business use, employers and employees, contract and tort and common law and statute. ” (Burrows 2010). There are legal risks from social media law such as copyright breach and trademark infringement.

As the blog’s features, some blog are operated by a team leader. Provide aggregation services, web site, often in order to provide only aggregate technology platform, which can not be aggregated content identification as the reason, refused to recognize the effect that copyright notice, which makes maintaining a blog in the field have cast a layer of Copyright on the Internet technology shadow. Like a double-edged sword of new technologies, blog technology to facilitate human communication and unprecedented, but also to bring a new copyright protection issues. However, I believe that most of the problem, can break through technology improvement and a small further improvement of law and interpretation to resolve.

First, we should focus on developing blog technology aspects of copyright protection. For example, through technical measures to increase RSS subscriptions Authorship and other copyright information in order to  read by the author is clearly aware of who and what kind of allows us the way for the works to use. In addition, it should be a blog of a certain rejection of subscription and refuse to respect the rights of polymerization, and teach them to use these tools in order to meet part of the blog author’s copyright protection. Second, the legal profession and the judiciary should make efforts on the blog to the new situation and new problems to study in order to strengthen the existing legal system on the blog article content protection to blog a new thing and can be rapid and healthy development are . Finally, the blog of copyright protection ultimately depends on the majority of blog awareness of the law. Respect the copyright of the blog community will eventually come from blog authors spare no efforts of human rights activists.

This video will tell us the legal of web2.0.


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